Recommended Quality Audio-P.A. equipment, Musical Instruments and Recording Gear
 Shure SM 58, unidirectional cardiod, 50-15hz. The SM 58 is still the 'world's standard' for vocal microphones. It's very rugged and sounds great. MSRP $188.00   with sale prices around $100.00
 AKG K240 MKII semi open, professional headphones. Like the original  AKG K240 open ear professional headphones the MKII's  are great for studio work. MSRP $269.00  with sale prices around $110.00 to$170.00
 Shure SM 57, unidirectional instrument microphone is also a 'world standard' for mic'ing guitar amps, drums and even works well for vocals.  It's tough as nails.  MSRP  $180.00  with sale prices around $1oo.oo
 Shure SM 87a is an unidirectional condenser microphone  that is favored by vocalist all over the world. The 87a is very sensitive to soft sounds.  MSRP  $399.00  with sale prices around $250.00
 Shure SM 81 electrec-condenser microphone. Featuring low freq. roll-off settings: at flat,-6db,-18db. The SM 81 is also considered 'world class' by many professionals.  MSRP  $562.00  with sale prices around $350.00
 Audio Technica AT 4040 large diaphram condenser is a recording engineers dream. Transparent sound quality is a must with vocals and acoustic instruments.  MSRP  $495 with sale prices around $300.00
 MXL V63m large diaphram condenser microphone has a wide freq. response that seems a little warmer than the AT 4040. This mic. is a must for a home studio.  MSRP  $299.94  with sale prices around $90.00 with shock mount.
 AKG D112 is my favorite bass drum microphone for recording. It can take anything you throw at it without distorting.  Featuring great low freq. pick-up. MSRP  $279.00  with sale prices around $200.00.
 Audix D6 is the favorite bass drum microphone most of today's drummers for live use. Low distortion and narrow pick-up pattern helps reduce feedback.  MSRP  $349.00 with sale prices around $200.00
 CAD 7 piece drum microphone kit is a great value.  MSRP  $399.00 with sale prices around $200.00 for the kit...
 Electro-Voice N/D 468 dynamic supercardiod instrument microphone. Featuring a very tight pick-up pattern designed to deliever maximum feedback reduction. The 468 has a very wide freq. response.  sale prices around $199.00 
 Electro-Voice PLDK 5 pro drum microphone pak, 5 microphones and a carrying case.  sale prices around $240.00
 Sennhieser e609 world class  instrument dynamic microphone. Features great feedback reduction, excellent low freq. response and low noise. MSRP $154.00 with sale prices around $110.00
 Shure SLX 24/SM58 hand held SM 58  h5 features  true diversity wireless, world class SM 58 microphone , and reciever/transmitter. MSRP $749.00 with sale prices around $590.00
 AKG C214 conderser microphone . A recording engineers dream, great transits, super low distortion. MSRP  $569.00 with sale prices around $399.00
 Phonic PAA6 hand held RTA, dual channel, dual microphone digital audio analyzer.  MSRP  $1,739.99 with sale prices around  $870.00.
JBL  Control 1 Pro High Performance 150 watt Studio Monitors offering sonic excellance.  Sale prices around $175.00 pair
Stage Ninja retractable headphones.  These will be nice for any active musician that needs the cables to stay out of their way.  $19.99
Audio-Technica AT2020 usb microphone is a quality microphone designed for software based recording. List $249.00  sale prices around $149.00
Microphones old and new
MikeGilliamPhotography / Sunndance 2011, 12,13,14,15,16,17,18
Sun  Records,  Memphis  Tenn.
JBL 5.1 Cinema speaker system. 150watt down firing subwoofer
JBL on ear speaker system. $99
JBL in ear speaker system. $99
When in Memphis Tenn. be sure to visit the historic  Sun Records and Museum.                                                    The museum contains 90 years of music history!
Studio, Live and Broadcast microphones 
Past  &  Present
Ribbon     Ceramic    Plate     Dynamic    Electret- Condenser
AKG  K240 Studio
Sony Professional
Audio-Technica  DJ
Audio-Technica  Broadcaster
PreSonus Studio
Shure  In Ear Monitors
Recommended  Headphones...
PreSonus  ERIS  E8 Active Studio Monitors sound Great ! PreSonus= Clear, Clean, Quality...
Two very useful condenser microphones. Blue's large diaphram work great for vocals and acoustic guitars and the mini  Audio-Technica Pro 35 works great for miking drums, cymbals,  horns and guitars.
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
MXL 4000  Multi-Pattern Condenser
TC Helicon VoiceLive GTX
 There is a new Sheriff in town ! The Audix OM 7 is the best dynamic vocal microphone for a singing drummer wanting to eliminated unwanted drum and cymbal sounds. This hypercardiod microphone delevers a clear, robust sound quality with out feedback... 
Sennheiser Microphones
Sennheiser's e 906 is an amazing professional quality instrument microphone capable of isolating a single guitar amplifier in a high volume stage setting... 
The Audix D series drum microphones are top rated for good reason. The are compact, durable and sound great. The D series can reject some unwanted Sounds that can bleed into your drum mix...   D 2,  D 4,  D 6
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
e835, e935
instrument microphones
e835 w/TC Helicon switch
World Renowned MD 421 II